SKIP is a UK student led registered charity which supports child welfare in communities throughout the developing world.

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2016 SKIP trustee applications are officially open!


Have you got an interest in global health?
Do you have leadership and management experience?
Do you work well in a team?

If the answer is yes to all of these then a position on the SKIP Board of Trustees may be right for you.

Visit for further details!IMG_0045



We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to Newcastle this weekend! We had a fantastic time hearing about all your SKIP work and a fabulous night out with you all! 🎉

A special thank you to our wonderful events coordinator Becky and our equally wonderful training coordinator Ayaan, who organised a brilliant Big Weekend. Also thank you so much to SKIP Newcastle for being such great hosts!

Please remember to give us your invaluable feedback for each session you attended at

Lots of SKIP Love ❤️ xxx



We are all very excited to see everyone in Newcastle in a weeks time! Remember to sign up by TOMORROW if you haven’t yet. Sign up forms can be found at or pop us an email at

Also check out the top 5 reasons you should attend the Big Weekend to get you excited for a weekend full of SKIP wonderfulness at


5 reasons you should attend the Big Weekend in Newcastle!

With the deadline for signing up to the Big Weekend fast approaching (THIS SUNDAY!), here are a few reasons you should attend if you still haven’t quite decided yet…

1) You will get tons of fantastic training which will help your SKIP branch and also build your own skills and CV!

2) Whilst you do this, you get to meet fellow SKIPers from all across the UK, and SKIPers are the best kind of people.

3) You will become inspired by the amazing global health charity we are on a national level as well as a branch level, and will feel great about the fact you are a part of it.

4) Your SKIP love and motivation will be majorly boosted ❤️

5) And of course, there’s the legendary SKIP BW dinner and night out on Saturday night which will leave you hungover but very happy for the workshops and goodbyes on Sunday.

Can’t get hold of the sign up form? Go to or pop us an email at 

See you all there!



The sign up forms for the Big Weekend have officially been realeased today! We are all super excited for another great weekend of SKIP networking, training and a fab night out in Newcastle in 4 weeks time!

The weekend will be on the 14-15th of Novemeber, is only £20 (covering both lunches and dinner and drinks reception on Saturday night) and the deadline for registering is SUNDAY 8th NOVEMBER so don’t miss out! If you haven’t been sent a link to the registration form yet, contact your branch coordinators or

Worried about getting there? If you are travelling more than 100 miles, spending more than £15 on transport and are not in full time employment then you can claim from the SKIP travel fund!


RnD Hub – coming soon!

With lots of exciting developments happening in our Research and Development in SKIP this year, we have decided to introduce an ‘RnD Hub’ page to share our resources and ideas! The page is still under construction, but for now you can visit the Facebook group at                                 image