SKIP is a UK student led registered charity which supports child welfare in communities throughout the developing world.

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RnD Hub – coming soon!

With lots of exciting developments happening in our Research and Development in SKIP this year, we have decided to introduce an ‘RnD Hub’ page to share our resources and ideas! The page is still under construction, but for now you can visit the Facebook group at                                 image

Five Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the Northern TNT

Northern TnT

1. The weekend will provide you with invaluable training skills that are all Medsin approved!

2. You will obtain access to the SKIP training network – so you will receive lots of support!

3. Attending the TNT and will look great on your CV! You will even get a certificate!!

4. You will be able to put all of your training into practice and deliver a training session at the Spring Big Weekend!

5. You will have lots of fun and get to meet all the new and old trainers!


Nominations are now open for the following Blue Boy Awards…

– Branch of the Year – 10968215_10203229773877765_395150876_n

– Volunteer of the Year –

– Fundraising Event of the Year –

– Trainer of the Year –

– Fundraiser of the Year –

– Intervention of the Year –

To make nominations for volunteer, trainer, fundraiser and fundraising event of the year then fill in a form HERE.

All branches are automatically nominated for Branch of the Year, however it is customary for branches to email me a small paragraph of why you feel you deserve to win branch of the year!

For nominations for intervention of the year, please email with the name of your intervention and a small summary about what that intervention does.

Nominations close at Midnight on the 09/02/2015

So… get nominating and good luck!



28th of February – 1st of March 2015


The wonderful Glasgow!


We have an exciting line up with over 28 workshops to choose from, an amazing social, the highly anticipated blue boy awards and a chance to network with other branches, National Committee, trustees and Branch Buddies!


Sign up HERE to sign up for the most exciting SKIP event of the year!

Now all you need to do is book your transport and start getting excited for an amazing weekend!

I Ahmad Fund


What is the I Ahmad Fund?

The fund is a collection of money which was established in memory of Rahail Ahmad’s father who sadly passed away a number of years ago. Rahail Ahmad is one of SKIP’s patrons. The funds are available to support suitable branch interventions.

How to apply?

All you need to do is to nominate the intervention you wish to obtain funding for and the amount of money you wish to apply for. This information needs to be emailed to by the 4th of February 2015.

SKIP Ebola Virus Information Sheet

ebolamapEbola virus disease is a rare but serious infection caused by the Ebola virus. Since March 2014, there has been a large outbreak affecting Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cases have also occurred in Senegal, Nigeria, the U.S and Spain. This is the largest ever known outbreak of the disease and has prompted the World Health Organisation to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in August 2014.

Unlike the viruses that cause coughs and colds, Ebola is not spread through airborne particles; it is transmitted by direct contact with the blood and bodily fluids of an infected person who has symptoms. Infection can also occur if broken skin or mucous membranes of a healthy person come into contact with objects that have been contaminated with an Ebola patient’s infectious fluids such as soiled clothing or bed linen. Ebola is not spread by routine social contact with asymptomatic people, such as shaking hands or sitting next to someone. All of the countries that host SKIP projects are currently unaffected by the Ebola outbreak. However, we are aware that this is an evolving situation and so we are regularly seeking up-to-date information from both the UK government and the World Health Organisation. The safety of our volunteers is our primary concern and in the very unlikely event that a case occurs in a country that SKIP works in, we will follow the travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

SKIP provides Summer Overseas Support (SOS) and a member of the SKIP National Committee and one of the Trustees will be on call 24 hours a day throughout the summer period. If the situation in a country changes during a project, trained SOS members will be available to handle the emerging situation and if needs be to coordinate the evacuation of a group. SKIP has a contingency fund which can be used to purchase emergency flights, prior to reimbursement from insurance companies. The SKIP website is regularly updated with the current travel advice as stated by the FCO website; alternatively please do not hesitate to contact your SKIP branch or SKIP National if you have any queries or concerns. SKIP has put together an information sheet on Ebola for our volunteers  – this can be found in the resource section of our website or by clicking on the links below.

Ebola information sheet for SKIP volunteers

Once Upon a Time at a SKIP Big Weekend….


A little post for those of you still suffering from the Big Weekend blues and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to come along to find out exactly what you missed!


There was some amazing training at the Big Weekend; role specific, branch planning, global health, a tools clinic and much more and we caught some of you in the action…

Get the Branch BW handbook to get any of the information you missed out on!


We had some fantastic branch presentations that gave everyone new ideas to take back to their branch and  inspired everyone to keep working hard! Southampton kicked off the branch presentations telling us about their current interventions, SKIP Lancaster revealed the destination for their project (Nepal!!) and SKIP HYMS introduced their new committee!


A fun-filled SKIP Social ensued afterwards with unicorns, dwarves, fairytale princesses, little red riding hood and the cast of Shrek all made an appearance for a night out in Southampton!

A big thank you to everyone that attended and organised the Big Weekend! We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Big Weekend on the 28th of February – 1st of March!

Dr Stacey Mearns

Dr Stacey MearnsWe are extremely proud of our patron Dr Stacey Mearns who is currently in West Africa participating in the fight to tackle Ebola. Stacey has lived and worked in Sierra Leone for three years, returning to the UK in February this year. However, when she heard about the outbreak of Ebola she was compelled to return to the country.

Stacey has been in Sierra Leone for three weeks now and is working in two key ares; as a physician in the isolation unit at Connaught Hospital in Freetown and as a technical advisor for the Western area command centre.

Stacey is currently producing a video diary for the BBC, which we will be keeping up to date on as the weeks pass.

“The last three weeks have been intense, challenging and they have been exhausting. Conditions out here on the ground are quite shocking. We are overwhelmed with cases, the level of human suffering is really quite moving and harrowing. “

We are thinking of her whilst she is out there and wanted to share the amazing work she is doing during this crisis. We will keep you updated on any news we hear.

For more information about SKIP’s patrons keep an eye on our patron profiles as there will be more information coming soon.

Big Weekend

10304777_10152494083798269_5398923618675393328_nExcitement is building with just over a week left until the first big weekend of the SKIP year! On the 8-9th of November the Big Weekend will be held in Southampton and here are three reasons why YOU should attend the Big Weekend..

1. Branch Integration

The Big Weekend is an amazing chance to get to know likeminded people from different branches all over the country! Furthermore, each branch will give a presentation on their current project and plans for the year ahead. These give you the opportunity to learn from other branches and ultimately improve your project!!

2. Fantastic Training

Anyone who has attended a Big Weekend before will know that you get two days of brilliant training. From role specific training and networking to global health workshops – there is something for everyone to attend at the Big Weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for the official training programme.

3. Its Fun!!
The Big Weekend is always a lot of fun, branches come together to get to know each other and every year there is a social on the saturday night. This year expect princesses, unicorns, dwarfs, knights and fairytale characters for a SKIP social in Southampton!

For anyone who is yet to sign up for the Big Weekend it is not too late! Make sure you sign up HERE by 12pm tomorrow (Friday 31st October).