The Board of Trustees

All SKIP trustees serve an initial term of 3 years.

The Board of Trustees will be responsible for the overall strategic vision and direction of the charity; leading on organisational development and ensuring the charity is compliant with all legal and financial requirements.

The Board of Trustees must fulfil the responsibilities in the following roles:
a) Chair
b) Secretary
c) Training Lead
d) Project Impact and Development Lead
e) Mentorship and Negotiations Lead
f) Health & Safety and Child Protection Lead
g) Fundraising Lead
h) Treasurer
Following election the Board will ensure division of roles amongst themselves. Each Board member will have support, management and reporting requirements in relation to Supporting Alumni Working Groups, National Committee activities and Branches

Outline of Main Responsibilities of the SKIP Trustees
1. Overall accountability and governance                                                                                                2. Strategy and vision
3. Sustainability and risk management
4. Financial Management and Fundraising
5. Membership

The minimum commitments expected of an active Trustee are as follows:
a) Contribute to the carrying out of the overall strategy and vision for the charity as a whole, in addition to role specific strategy and vision
b) Dedicate approximately 2 hours per week, on average, on SKIP duties with variations
depending on your role and time of year
c) Respond to direct requests for action within 3 days
d) Email notification of absence if unavailable for more than 3 days
e) Attendance at a minimum of 2 Board meetings a year, in person or via web-conferencing
f) Attendance of the Annual General Meeting
g) Presence at National handover
h) Attendance at biannual Big Weekends (national conferences)
i) Provide written or verbal reports for all Board of Trustee meetings
j) Provide role specific contributions to the annual and quarterly reports
k) Provide mentorship and training to National Committee, Supporting Alumni and Branches when required
l) May be required to assume on call responsibilities during summer project
m) Provide a profile for the website

For more information, please see Trustee Person Specification

Applications are currently open to be a trustee until 10th December 2017! To apply, fill out the Editable Trustee Application Form

For more information, please contact