Contingency Plans

As mentioned in our SKIP SOS guidance, we have contingency plans which we follow in the event of an incident on project. Below are some examples of incidents that may occur and the flow chart we will follow. 

Green Incidents

Incidents where you may like assistance, but do not threaten the long-term welfare of the volunteers or the project

  • Changes required to interventions

Minor financial problems e.g. money transfers


Amber Incidents

Incidents where there is a possible threat to volunteer safety or project viability

  • Volunteer illness/injury
  • Airline strike/collapse
  • Disagreement with NGO/community
  • Unrest in project group
  • Volunteer drop out
  • Intervention failure
  • Major financial problems e.g. emergency funds required



Red Incidents

Incidents where there is a threat to the safety of the volunteer(s), or serious and imminent threat to the project’s future. Includes any time where use of the Contingency Fund may be necessary. Note, if it is a child protection incident, please contact Trustee SOS directly.

  • Child protection concern
  • Major accident or illness
  • Physical/sexual assault
  • Mental health issue
  • Infectious disease outbreak
  • Natural disaster
  • Civil unrest




A PDF of this information is available HERE

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