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My Vision is to support the development of SKIP towards its aims through the publicity of SKIP both to members and the general public, enabling SKIP to become a better known and highly respected charity, both in the UK and globally.

My mission is to improve communication, between all members of SKIP at various different levels, but also between SKIP and its external audience, in a professional but fun and appealing manner. I will do this by using social media and online resources to keep a constant dialogue to all following the SKIP publicity outlets; developing the physical publicity resources available to SKIP members; supporting branches in their personal publicity; continuing my own Personal Professional Development in order to ensure I am continually improving upon my work for SKIP. I am passionate that SKIP makes a difference to both its beneficiaries and its members and by increasing and improving communication, the SKIP team can become stronger and thus more influential in creating positive global change.

I first became involved with SKIP during my second year at Cardiff University in 2014 when I joined as a volunteer for the project in Zambia. Following the project, I became determined not only to continue to support the SKIP branch, but also to work towards the improvement of the interventions, leading to me applying for the role of Research and Development Officer. The following year saw my first attendance at national events Through being involved in so many aspects of Cardiff branch and going to more national events, I became really inspired by what SKIP do for students and their projects on a national level. This is what motivated me to apply for National Publicity Coordinator for 2015/16 and to contribute to SKIP in another way. Hearing about the development of all of our different branches and the fantastic projects they do, as well as working with a great national committee, is an amazing experience.

One of the things I am excited about this year is gaining more insight into how SKIP works on a national level, as well as gaining more skills in publicity. I am most excited about being a buddy for SKIP Barts and SKIP St. George’s!

Outside of SKIP I have just graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Biochemistry and I am now studying an MSc in Science Media and Communication. I am also heavily  involved with Cardiff University Students’ Union, belonging to A Cappella and Windband Societies, as well as sitting on the Societies Executive Committee and as a Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees for the Union.

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