St Georges

St George’s is currently starting a new project based in Morocco. This page contains information about their previous project in Kenya.

St George’s project is based in Kenya. We work with Imane Agape Orphanage and we also visit nearby schools. What we do is we deliver sustainable interventions in order to empower the communities and schools in Kisii and other parts of Western Kenya, so that they can be independent and informed when making decisions that will increase their quality of life and develop a happy, healthy and safe living environment.

Our Project

Our interventions in Kenya are TB education, malaria education, sanitation and diarrhoea education, sex education and english education. We are also involved in  Project Mwezi which helps free girls from the disruptions that menstruation can bring to their education, economic and social activities. We teach them to make cloth reusable sanitary towel as it is a sustainable solution that women can make for themselves by using materials found at their local market. We also have interventions involving creative arts and sports and many more intervention ideas that we would like to build on and deliver in the future.

We have a group of volunteers going every year in the summer to deliver these interventions. They are trained and equipped throughout the year in preparation for the project.  SKIP St George’s heart lies within Imane Agape Hope Orphanage. This is where most of our work is; we teach the kids at the orphanage and also spend time with them. What we also do is we travel around the area and teach these interventions within schools. We are not limited to Kisii we also teach in schools and the community in the Maasai region.

Our History

SKIP St George’s was Founded in 2007. We sent needs assessment (research project) out to Kenya in 2008 and we visited 4 communities. A suitable project was chosen which is with Imane Agape Hope Orphanage. Then a pilot project happened in 2010 and a second project in 2011. We are continuing with the project working on ways for it to be closer to and reach sustainability in the near future.


Events include bake sales, a  Lion King Marathon, George’s got talent, The Auction Show, Speed dating and donations from shows during the year.

 Volunteers Experience

“Best experience ever. The kids were amazing I would definitely go again”
“This project is amazing and we can see that sustainability is almost close as the children remember most things taught in previous years”
“I loved every minute of it!”


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