SKIP Cardiff is based at Cardiff University and has a project in Livingstone, Zambia.

SKIP Cardiff began as BACCUP (Belarusian Aid for Children Cardiff Undergraduate Program) in 1999. Over the next 11 years volunteers were sent to 2 Belarusian orphanages where they worked to improve the care of the children and reduce the stigma surrounding disability. In 2011 we withdrew from Belarusto begin a new project. We now teach topics relating to sexual education within 2 different schools in Livingstone, Zambia. We also educate and pass our knowledge onto the teachers, and run information sessions on STIs and HIV to womens’ groups. By educating children and women in these topics, we aim to increase people’s knowledge within the community, giving them the means of protecting themselves.

Following 2 research trips in 2012 and 2013, we have now developed and successfully implemented our project for the first time in Summer 2014. We are partnered with a local non-governmental organisation in Zambia; Dream Livingstone (charity no. 78627). We plan to continue to teach these topics in local schools each year, evaluating and adapting our lesson plans and teaching methods as we do so to maintain the project’s sustainability.

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Our Project

Volunteers are recruited from Cardiff University and sent to Zambia during the summer months (in approximately 3-4 week waves). Once in Zambia volunteers stay together in Dream Livingstone’s accommodation, just outside Livingstone. They are then split into groups focusing on one of the four teaching topics; Sex education, STIs, HIV or Puberty. Volunteers spend the majority of teaching time in Malota Community School and Ngwenya School nearby. Children taught here vary in age from around 9 to 16 years. Some volunteering in Linda Farm; a community for the blind and disabled is also a part of our project. Volunteers will focus more on educating women’s groups at Linda Farm, with the aim that this information will be passed onto the rest of the community there. This will also be carried out at Libuyu; a women’s HIV/AIDS prevention program.

The Future

We aim to improve the effectiveness and reach of our project year on year based on monitoring and evaluation data we collect each summer. Therefore, our hope is to increase the impact of our teaching on the community by increasing the number of schools we teach at and maintaining effective lesson plans which improve children’s and women’s knowledge in our topics.


At the beginning of each year we agree a fundraising budget with Dream Livingstone. The committee and volunteers then do various fundraising events throughout the year. Examples of previous events have been:

  • Skip for SKIP
  • Bake sales
  • 3 Peaks stair
  • Open mic night
  • SKIP Quiz nights
  • SU film nights

A Volunteer’s Experience

“I initially joined SKIP Cardiff as a volunteer with the intention of boosting my CV and having an incredible time in Belarus. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with SKIP so much! Not only have I been able to travel to amazing places (in the UK, Belarus and Zambia), I have also learned so many transferrable skills, gained qualifications and made some great friends along the way. SKIP is now a truly invaluable part of my life and I would encourage anyone to get involved!”

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