Terry Kaneunnamed

 My vision is to have all committee members understand the role of treasury, with well defined lines of action for common situations. Members of SKIP to know how funds are used and how to go about getting them and for those involved in treasury to be able to carry out their role efficiently and effectively.

My mission is to train those involved in treasury in a way that helps them understand the fundamentals of how the system works and provide clear instructions with sufficient teaching.

I first became involved in SKIP as a fundraising coordinator for the HYMS branch in Hull. From early on it was easy to see how SKIP makes a huge impact and is a joy to take part in. Everyone involved has a common goal and they help you grow along the way. I am very glad I stayed on to be in the National Committee.

One of the things I am most excited about this year is getting involved in Treasury and making sure that everyone at branch level is going to enjoy taking part in it too.

Outside of SKIP I am a junior doctor in Glasgow and I like to keep myself busy with taking part in research at the university, playing squash and exploring the highlands and lochs of Scotland.

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