National Coordinators

Emma Geard-Beney and Lucy Franklin

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Our vision is to support and empower all SKIP members to, fulfill their potential, build and sustain SKIP projects, and make the most of the opportunities SKIP offers.

Our mission is to Enable SKIP members to thrive and prosper in their roles, through supportive leadership, encouragement and good communication, as we believe everyone deserves to experience SKIP and benefit from it’s work.

Emma first became involved with SKIP in her first year of university at HYMS – she wanted to travel and volunteer more and SKIP seemed like the perfect opportunity- it was better than she ever expected! She rejoined SKIP in her third year as volunteer co-ordinator and welfare and then became Project co-ordinator a year later. Last year she joined national committee as national secretary and now she has found herself as National coordinator with Lucy! She never expected to be involved for so long with SKIP but she is so glad she has and becoming part of the SKIP family has been one of the best things she’s ever done!

Lucy first became involved with SKIP in 2012 through the HYMS branch, where she heard about their project in Tanzania. She really wanted to be a part of the amazing project they run, so applied and volunteered in Summer 2013. After a fantastic project, she joined the committee as Volunteer and Recruitment Coordinator and continued as Joint Project Coordinator the following year. After gaining and learning so much during that year, she applied for National Volunteer coordinator, a role which she stayed in for 2 years before applying for Joint National Coordinator with Emma and now here we are!

One of the things Emma is most excited about this year is working with our amazing new NC committee to have a productive and exciting year ahead! She’s also looking forward to continuing her buddy relationship with SKIP UCL and planning for their project this year and she can’t wait for all the events in the year to catch up with everybody in the SKIP family!

One of the things Lucy is most excited about this year is working with Emma and the rest of the new National Committee to support branches and their projects. It’s very much girl power this year on NC! She’s especially looking forward to the fabulous Big Weekends which everyone works so hard to organise and are always inspirational, informative, and a lot of fun!

Outside of SKIP Emma is working in Hull as an F1 doctor- so having a bit of a reality check getting used to working life! Other than this she spends far too much of her time socialising and drinking wine as well as occasional baking and countryside walks!

Outside of SKIP Lucy is an F1 doctor in London. Alongside adapting to non-student life, she is keen to explore what London has to offer, and enjoys baking from time to time. 

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