National Coordinators

Jane Ferma and Victoria Powell

Our vision is to create a productive environment in which NC can develop together and drive SKIP towards its wider goals.

Our mission is to encourage and guide NC both individually and as a team, creating a supportive and productive atmosphere.

We will do this by regularly communicating with NC members both in committee meetings and individually, ensuring all members are up to date, motivated, and all their queries or concerns are addressed.

This is because we believe all NC members have the potential to implement meaningful changes to SKIP as well as their own professional and personal development.


Jane first became involved with SKIP as a volunteer in Kenya with SKIP St George’s in 2013. From then on I was involved with the branch committee as project coordinator where I enjoyed the research, monitoring and evaluation process. I was keen to stay with SKIP and help other branches. Therefore, I am lucky and very excited to be part of the National Committee!

Vicky first became involved with SKIP in 2013 as a committee member for SKIP Cardiff. Being a part of the Cardiff team and helping to plan our project in Zambia in 2014 is what sparked my interest in global health, and my love for the charity! I volunteered on the project in 2014, teaching sex education to children in Livingstone, Zambia. I had such an amazing time there that I decided to be president of SKIP Cardiff for the following year. I then joined National Committee a year ago and continue to have a great time SKIPing!

One of the things we are most excited about this year is coordinating and bringing together our amazing national team in helping branches achieve their goals and run successful and sustainable projects. We are also excited about all the big SKIP events coming up this year, especially the Big Weekends and its relatively new additions such as “Branch Brainy Bits”.

Outside of SKIP we both study masters degrees at UCL and are loving life in the capital! We also both love a bit of yoga when we need to wind down.

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