National Committee

The National Committee will normally be composed of 9 Members as follows:
a) National Coordinator  b) Volunteer Coordinator c) Treasurer  d) Secretary  e) Fundraising Coordinator  f) Research and Development Coordinator  g) Publicity Coordinator  h) Training Coordinator  i) Events Coordinator j) Global Health Lead

The National Co-ordinator, Research & Development Co-ordinator and Training Co-ordinator roles may be applied for either by a single candidate or by two candidates as a joint role.

National Committee members are required to commit for a minimum term of 1 year. Applicants are required to complete an application form and are then elected at the SKIP General Assembly following a short hustings.

The National Committee Members are required to:
a) Abide by the Constitution and Bylaws. b) Apply strategic and operational planning and Project management standards.  c) Make an effort to attend all General Assembly Meetings and Big Weekends. d) Provide information concerning their activities upon request to any Member Organisation, other Members of SKIP or the Board of Trustees. e) Maintain regular communication with National Committee and the Member Organisations. f) Assist the National Secretary in maintaining and updating the SKIP Databases. g) Attend their incoming and outgoing Handover meetings.

For more information on specific roles, please contact the relevant National Committee member by email. Role descriptions can be found in the SKIP Bylaws.


Information about the roles can be found here:National Committee Role Description.doc

if you wish to apply, please fill out the following application form, and email by 3rd MARCH: National Committee Application Form 2018