claudiaClaudia-Carmen Busuioc 

My vision is to facilitate communication between SKIP members and to enable SKIP to raise sufficient monies in an ethical and sustainable way through successful fundraising activities at both branch and national levels. I also aim to make relevant training accessible to all SKIP members in order to facilitate the development of fundraising knowledge and skills.

My mission is to follow ethical fundraising standards in line with charity bylaws, and to review and propose changes to these bylaws to ensure ethical and sustainable fundraising. I will support SKIP members in organising successful fundraising events, as well as in setting measurable, attainable and progressive targets. My passion for SKIP stems in the difference it makes globally and its direct, often immediate impact on beneficiaries’ well-being. This will continue to serve as a powerful source of motivation for my personal development within and outside my role in the charity.

I first became involved with SKIP as a translator on a SKIP project in Moldova involving interventions in an orphanage for disabled boys, while also tackling stigma around disability in the local community. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore a culture which I found more different than I expected, and in my four year experience as a volunteer I ultimately feel in love with SKIP, its team spirit and contagious enthusiasm. I wanted to become more involved in shaping the charity as a whole, alongside people who shared this passion… and here I am!

One of the things I am most excited about this year is the exciting plans we are going to implement, as well as upcoming travelling during the holidays.

Outside of SKIP I am a medical student at the University of Aberdeen, ultimately aiming to specialise in Emergency Medicine. I also work part-time in healthcare and like to keep myself busy – I have the attention span of a gnat and am always looking for something engaging to keep me working most of the time!

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