Anna McLoughlin 

annaMy vision
 is for every SKIP member to be able to access high quality appropriate training, to be able to develop personally and professionally to their maximum potential and to feel supported and prepared to deliver sustainable and effective interventions on our summer projects.

My mission is to ensure every SKIP member has a useful and inspiring training experience by developing resources that ensure confident trainers who can deliver high quality sessions. I will seek to maintain and expand a supportive training network that is accessible to all. I will also seek to ensure that a variety of training is delivered to meet the variety of needs and experiences amongst SKIP members, and ensure this training is continually evaluated and adapted. I believe in the personal and professional development of every SKIP member, and believe this can be enhanced immensely by successful training. I also believe this in turn will help our projects and interventions go from strength to strength.

I first  became involved in SKIP as a volunteer on SKIP HYMS pilot project to Tanzania in the summer of 2010. While at the time I didn’t realise it, it was to be a life changing decision! I went on to join the SKIP HYMS fundraising team in 2010-2011, and after a year studying international health in Leeds, came back to be volunteer coordinator in SKIP HYMS from 2012-2013. I then went on to be SKIP HYMS project coordinator in 2013-2014. I then spent 2 years on the national committee, as volunteer welfare coordinator and then as national coordinator, before joining the board of trustees this year.

One of the things I am most excited about this year is working with the fantastic training working group to help deliver lots of exciting training sessions this year and further develop our ever growing training network.

 Outside of SKIP I’m a foundation year 2 doctor based in Glasgow. I also enjoy running and climbing up Scotland’s many hills.


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