Research & Development and Health & Safety

10352831_10152810314017872_770736602219390382_nMartin Gribbin

My Vision is for SKIP’s Research and Development to be evidence based, sustainable and ethical, reflecting SKIP’s values and practices, and for SKIP as a charity to be resilient and prepared for any eventuality.
My Mission is to provide SKIP NC and Branches with the support and guidance to create innovative, evidence based projects that inspire volunteers, make a lasting impact, and provide positive outcomes to beneficiaries which facilitate SKIP’s aims. I will attempt to inspire SKIP’s next generation in Global Health, project management, and actually develop a culture of excitement surrounding the monitoring and evaluation of our projects!
I will endeavour to provide an environment in which SKIP volunteers feel safe and prepared to go on projects, in the knowledge that SKIP as an organisation can aid them should any adverse eventuality arise. Additionally I will utilise skills from my previous roles to safeguard the future of SKIP and the continuity of our organisation.
I first became involved with SKIP in 2012 when I joined the Research & Development team at the Hull York Medical School branch. I became RnD coordinator later that year, then Project Coordinator the next. I loved being able to put the project management skills I previously employed in my work role to the test in a new sector. I quickly realised that I loved RnD and developing projects, and winning SKIP’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2014 inspired me to apply for the role on the National Committee. From there I tried to develop a more strategic focus, develop SKIP’s evidence base, and I applied for the role of Trustee in 2016
One of the things I am most excited about this year is the incredible opportunity to develop SKIP’s projects. There are so many branches redefining, redesigning and starting on projects afresh, that we are in an ideal position to make a huge step forward as an organisation. I’m looking forward to working alongside a passionate team who I know will help me to make this a reality!
Outside of SKIP I am a junior doctor working in Liverpool, and have a background prior to medicine in Public Health, specialising in emergency operations, infectious diseases and business continuity.

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