Fundraising Lead

Nathan Doull

603899_10153580610685693_1537920176_nMy Vision is to develop SKIP’s fundraising by increasing transparency to donors while improving our ability to develop sustainable interventions by obtaining focused researched external funding. I also strive to remove financial barriers to our volunteers’ abilities to attend training and national events, thus increasing their skills and knowledge in global health.

My Mission is to successfully use research gathered and planned to obtain external funding, thus increasing the capabilities of our project’s and volunteers. As well as ensuring our fundraising stays within our ethical framework and is transparent to all donors and interested parties.

I first became involved with SKIP in 2009, as a volunteer with our Glasgow branch working in Malawi. Following that inspiring and eye-opening experience I continued working with SKIP Glasgow as Fundraising Co-ordinator before becoming Project Co-ordinator in 2011. It was through my experience with Glasgow that I first appreciated the importance of developing sufficiently researched projects with a long-term vision from the outset. And it was this that inspired me to apply for National Research & Development Co-ordinator, where I have improved training and project development across all branches. I held this position for two years before becoming a Trustee in 2014. My main hope for the future is to use my knowledge and experience to increase the funding and capacity of SKIP’s projects.

One of the things I am most excited about this year is seeing the fruition of years of hard work within SKIP to research and collect data on our interventions. This should allow us to increase our capacity for external funding and improve the long-term effectiveness of our projects.

Outside of SKIP i am a final year medical student at Glasgow University. I also work with Medsin and other global health charities to improve collaboration across student organisations. In my spare time, I have a penchant for football, Taylor Swift and world affairs.

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