National Committee

The National Committee is made up of students and young professionals from across the country and assist branches with guidance, support and training throughout the year.

All National Committee members have been on branch committee previously and bring a different set of skills and experiences into their role. Members also serve as a buddy to one of our branches, helping them to plan and develop their project.

Use the links below to find out more about each position, or to get in touch!

National Coordinator  Emma Geard-Beney and Lucy Franklin 

National Treasurer  Chelsea Elder

National Training Coordinator  Hericka Bruna and Sarah Hopkins-Weaver

National Fundraising Coordinatory Lynsey Carthew

National Research and Development Coordinator  Bethan Clinton

National Publicity Coordinator Megan Marks

National Events Coordinator Claire Rankine

National Volunteer Welfare Coordinator Kate Worthington

National Global Health Lead  Seher Bashir