Claire Marie Thomas

Claire editHaving been involved with founding SKIP all those years ago in 2002/3 and working as a Trustee until late 2014, it is my pleasure and honour to continue working with SKIP as a Patron!


Roles held in SKIP: Project Coordinator for Birmingham/Zambia Project, Trainer, Health and Safety Lead, Branch Mentor Program Lead, Chair of Board of Trustees and dipping my hand in pretty much every part of our work along the way 🙂

Following my medical school training I went on to gain a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and to specialise as a General Practitioner. These choices were driven by my passion for developing accessible community based primary healthcare in resource poor settings, a passion also close to the heart of SKIPs mission and values. I have had the pleasure of working in many countries all around the globe, both with SKIP as an undergraduate, as a teacher/trainer of personal and professional development skills and as a qualified doctor. I have seen first hand the amazing difference an intervention can have when they are focused on achieving sustainable goals and capacity building with local communities/organisations. I have also seen how even the most well intentioned intervention can go awry and result in unintended negative impact.

It is because of these experiences that I am passionate about promoting the core values of SKIP:

Sustainability, working in partnership, respect culture & traditions, empowerment, Development, fun & enthusiasm.  It is these last 3 values that really set SKIP apart – SKIP is a very vibrant playful organisation, always reflecting, learning and growing. SKIP is a result of the combined efforts of our inspiring, highly motivated and creative members, who give up their free time to dedicate themselves to further the projects and the organisation. 

 Claires piece pic 6

I hope to continue to support and promote SKIP and the amazing work of it’s many wonderful volunteers for as long as they will have me!




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