Introducing the SKIP Global Award!

myphoto-2We have exciting news of a brand new addition to the Blue Boy Awards this year; the Global Award! Just like other Blue Boy awards, this will be presented to the winner at the Spring Big Weekend, which will be in Cardiff on the 27-28th of February! More information on logistics of the weekend is coming soon. I have recently posted on the blog about submitting nominations for the other Blue Boys, and info on this can be found here.
The Global Award however, works a little differently. The aim of this award is to recognise the depth and breadth of SKIP members’ global engagement. Any member can make a submission in any form that demonstrates your passion for global health. For example, it could be a reflective essay, a blog or diary, a poster, a photograph with descriptive text, artwork or anything else that captures your imagination! This could involve your experiences as part of SKIP or outside of SKIP. All participants are guaranteed a certificate (a great addition to your CV), plus an award if you are selected as the winner, so why not give it a go?!
The deadline is Friday 12th February at midnight and submissions should be sent to
More information is available at this link or pop us an email!

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