Volunteer with SKIP even if there isn’t a branch at your uni!

Do you know a student who would love to volunteer with SKIP, but doesn’t have a SKIP branch at their university? 
Well they can still be a part of one of SKIP’s fantastic projects through the External Volunteer Scheme!
Check out this page to find out more about the scheme! https://skipkids.org.uk/get-involved/volunteers/

If you’re interested in getting involved but don’t have a SKIP branch at your uni, make sure to also have a look at our branches pages and the work they do on their international projects!

Please email volunteers@skipkids.org.uk if you have any questions!  



3 thoughts on “Volunteer with SKIP even if there isn’t a branch at your uni!

  1. Reblogged this on An African Butterfly and commented:
    I have seen a couple of people go on this project and I would love to be part of it one day! They say that small volunteer projects don’t actually benefit anyone, but I say that anything as seemingly small as putting a smile on someone’s face is a priceless benefit.

  2. Show that our projects make a significant difference in the communities they take place in! We operate under a ethos ensuring that all projects must be sustainable, so that our impact is also long lasting. Check out our profile picture on https://www.facebook.com/skipkids/?ref=bookmarks to see the difference we made in 2015! Please pop us an email to the address on the post if you’re interested in taking part in a project! 😀

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