5 reasons you should attend the Big Weekend in Newcastle!

With the deadline for signing up to the Big Weekend fast approaching (THIS SUNDAY!), here are a few reasons you should attend if you still haven’t quite decided yet…

1) You will get tons of fantastic training which will help your SKIP branch and also build your own skills and CV!

2) Whilst you do this, you get to meet fellow SKIPers from all across the UK, and SKIPers are the best kind of people.

3) You will become inspired by the amazing global health charity we are on a national level as well as a branch level, and will feel great about the fact you are a part of it.

4) Your SKIP love and motivation will be majorly boosted ❤️

5) And of course, there’s the legendary SKIP BW dinner and night out on Saturday night which will leave you hungover but very happy for the workshops and goodbyes on Sunday.

Can’t get hold of the sign up form? Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/512547968913631/ or pop us an email at publicity@skipkids.org.uk 

See you all there!



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