Once Upon a Time at a SKIP Big Weekend….


A little post for those of you still suffering from the Big Weekend blues and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to come along to find out exactly what you missed!


There was some amazing training at the Big Weekend; role specific, branch planning, global health, a tools clinic and much more and we caught some of you in the action…

Get the Branch BW handbook to get any of the information you missed out on!


We had some fantastic branch presentations that gave everyone new ideas to take back to their branch and  inspired everyone to keep working hard! Southampton kicked off the branch presentations telling us about their current interventions, SKIP Lancaster revealed the destination for their project (Nepal!!) and SKIP HYMS introduced their new committee!


A fun-filled SKIP Social ensued afterwards with unicorns, dwarves, fairytale princesses, little red riding hood and the cast of Shrek all made an appearance for a night out in Southampton!

A big thank you to everyone that attended and organised the Big Weekend! We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Big Weekend on the 28th of February – 1st of March!


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