Dr Stacey Mearns

Dr Stacey MearnsWe are extremely proud of our patron Dr Stacey Mearns who is currently in West Africa participating in the fight to tackle Ebola. Stacey has lived and worked in Sierra Leone for three years, returning to the UK in February this year. However, when she heard about the outbreak of Ebola she was compelled to return to the country.

Stacey has been in Sierra Leone for three weeks now and is working in two key ares; as a physician in the isolation unit at Connaught Hospital in Freetown and as a technical advisor for the Western area command centre.

Stacey is currently producing a video diary for the BBC, which we will be keeping up to date on as the weeks pass.

“The last three weeks have been intense, challenging and they have been exhausting. Conditions out here on the ground are quite shocking. We are overwhelmed with cases, the level of human suffering is really quite moving and harrowing. “

We are thinking of her whilst she is out there and wanted to share the amazing work she is doing during this crisis. We will keep you updated on any news we hear.

For more information about SKIP’s patrons keep an eye on our patron profiles as there will be more information coming soon.


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