Group Leader Training

Newcastle-  May 3 | Southampton- May 10

This day is a mandatory training day for project group leaders in the summer, and will prepare them for their role on project. This day should be in addition to any branch/project-specific training for them, but aims to cover skills common to all projects.

The Northern Day is in NEWCASTLE on May 3rd, and the Southern Day is in SOUTHAMPTON on May 10th. Training sessions provided include

  • Group dynamics and leadership
  • Managing volunteer welfare & conflict resolution
  • How to deal with critical incidents
  • Partnership with your collaborating organisation
  • Effective handovers and debriefs

Training will run from roughly 9am til 6pm on the day, and is free of charge! We  want to help group leaders feel safe and competent on project, but also know that they don’t need to deal with everything on their own- there’s plenty support in place!

REGISTER for group leader training:

Group Leader Training Day- Newcastle [May 3] sign-up HERE

Group Leader Training Day- Southampton [May 10] sign-up HERE

If you are a group leader and cannot attend, get in touch with your branch’s project-coordinator, and speak with our training coordinator Kate ( and we’ll see what arrangements we need to make!

Happy Training!


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