Training New Trainers @HYMS

It may be February now, but you can still make your New Year’s Resolution to be the best trainer you can be! Get started by signing up to SKIP’s Training New Trainers weekend!
The Northern TNT weekend will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of March, and will be hosted by SKIP HYMS. Registration for this amazing training event is now open to everyone who wants to become super star SKIP trainers- and why wouldn’t you?!
The weekend will provide you with invaluable training skills that can be great for supporting your branch training requirements for the summer project as well as giving you access to the SKIP training network and it looks great on your CV.
As part of the TNT course, you will  deliver a training session at the upcoming Group Leader training days. You will have lots of help and support to create your training session and a couple of TNT participants normally do it together. Delivering a training session will help you to cement what you have learnt and gives you a chance to show off your new training skills! AND, after the session, you will receive a certificate!
If you are unable to make the Group Leader training day, you can deliver your training session at another event later in the year.
To register, fill in the form at this link REGISTER
 If yo have any questions, please email our training coordinator Kate at

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