Upcoming Events 2014

Spring Big Weekend

UCL- February 15/16 

The next Big Weekend will take place at UCL in London on the 15th and 16th of February 2014. Branches, let all your committee members and volunteers know about this ASAP so they can save the date! We hope to have as many people there as possible for what will be another fantastic weekend and a great opportunity to make your summer project the best it can be! Registration information will be coming to branches soon!

Training New Trainers

St Georges, London- January 25/26 | Northern- March 22/23 

These weekends are a great opportunity to learn how to you can be more effective in your training, and make your training more interesting. Completing this also makes you part of the SKIP training network, which provides information about further training opportunities, access to a wide group of trainers for advice and discussion and a log of all your training for references or certificates whenever needed.

Location for the northern  TNT has still to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted!

Project Management Day

Northern-  May 3 | Southampton- May 10

This day is a mandatory training day for project group leaders in the summer, and will prepare them for their role on project. This day should be in addition to any branch/project-specific training for them, but aims to cover skills common to all projects.

Again, the northern location has still to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted!

General Assembly

Newcastle- March 2/3

The annual General Assembly will take place in Newcastle in March, and all branches are expected to attend! Save the date, and let your committee members know too!


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